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S3FOOD Project Grant Agreement No: 824769

‘Smart Sensor Systems for Food Safety, Quality Control and Resource Efficiency in the Food Processing Industry’

Thirteen European partners have come together in the S3FOOD project with an aim to improve the efficiency and sustainability of the EU food industry by enabling Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to adopt digital technology.

The tasks of the project:

Through S3FOOD, the partners will have a specific focus on facilitating and accelerating the use of smart sensor systems for improved quality control, better resource efficiency and a higher level of food safety and traceability – all important steps towards solving central challenges of SMEs in the agri-food system.

Establishing interdisciplinary working groups to assess food industry needs and possible solution services.

Enabling the gathering of appropriate digital data through Integration of IoT (Internet of Things) and related sensor technologies with the introduction of intelligent sensor systems.

Providing training and coaching for food processor SMEs in the field of data collection and data management.

SMEs will be invited on study visits to living labs and frontrunner companies, where they can see smart sensors in action, and to attend matchmaking events for finding relevant partners.

Financing program: H2020/INNOSUP H2020

Project period: May 2019 – April 2022(extended to Sept 2022)

Website: www.s3food.eu

Twitter account: @s3food_eu

Further information:

Viktória Parrag
Tel: +36 1 433 14 85
E-mail: v.parrag@campdenkht.com